Our Philosphy

Happy Work
Creates A Happy Life

How we define success: we are happy, proud of our work and living in a space that makes us excited to wakeup everyday. We have a healthy financial situation. And satisfied customers that are in a winning position thanks to our input.

When we combine top-notch skills, competitive pricing, and a unique philosophy, it’s hard for potential clients to resist. And if they’re not onboard, it’s probably a good indication that they might not be the best fit anyway. We focus our energy on clients who appreciate our agency’s approach and vision.

And as we focus on happiness and well-being – this aligns with the goals of the industries we aim for. They’re in the business of making people feel good, and that’s something our agency excels at, both in terms of our own team and the work we do for our clients.

How We Work

Making Sure
We Get It Done Right

We focus mostly on: beauty services, gyms, spas, hotels, food services and public services like schools and culture centers.

But first and foremost we run a sanity check during discovery call. Because we will be moving around the spaces our clients built.

If they pass it, we can start working with them. Whichever area they are based in. If we can work with them as peole – we can create something great for their business.


We use a variety of techniques to gamify our quests. If we're going to spend time on work, why not have fun? We don't get paid to be miserable.


Every time we failed, we made sure we knew why. And how to prevent it. We follow smart procedures to ensure that we know what works and what doesn't.


We have a robust support system in place, but we also want to know that our staff is capable of delivering. We value autonomy but expect responsibility.


We follow an iterative process. This means we develop projects in stages. And ensure that we are moving in the right direction at each level.

Are You Ready To Join The Revolution?

We focus on multispecialists. People who establish themselves as creative directors and take responsibility of their work. We are an all-in-one marketing solution, and we are looking for people who can adapt to that approach.

Currently looking for:

01 Fill the form

We only need three things to get started. From least to most important: (3) CV, (2) current test screenshots, and (1) portfolio.

Your proven abilities are crucial. Your personality type will help us communicate. Your CV is simply a record of your story. We want to know it, but it does not define you. Nor will you lose your opportunity to work with with us.

02 Discovery call

We just need to know a few basic things at this point. Is it possible for us to communicate with You? Are You Able to Work with Us? In your field of knowledge, are You competent? Can You stay in the flow and concentrate on your work without being sidetracked?

The most crucial question is: Are you someone we want to hang out with? Skills can be gained – personal qualities are much harder to change.

03 Access to Our resources base

Our toolkit is always changing, and we know how to get the most out of the possibilities available to us. Struggle has no worth; the result is what matters. We want to make sure that we handle it as well as we can.

At this point, it is Your part is to assess and test Your proficiency using the know-how we will provide You.

04 Testing tools on personal branding

We do not wish to waste your time. That is why your test project is focused on your personal brand. If you already have that one set, you’ve already passed this stage.

After You get this task done, we enter the part where we ask you about the tools and processes you used to complete this quest.

05 Joining Us on a live project

At this point, we know who you are. We like you. We can see that you have what it takes to take on assignments. Now it’s time to put it to the test. You join us on a live project and see how things go.

You determine how you want to approach this stage and what you want to contribute to the project. How You anything, is how You do everything…

06 Feedback phase & evaluation

If you’ve made it this far, we don’t want you to leave without gaining something from the experience. At this point, we deliver honest and relevant feedback without wasting your time on sweet talk. We examine our fit and strive to provide you with at least a few beneficial recommendations on how to proceed, regardless of our final decision.

If You’re in, congratulations – this is the time, when we start our adventure! Remember that what we do is more than a business. It’s our take on making the world a better place!

Our Brainstorming and Events Environment

Virtual Space Prepared for the Future of Work
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Frequently Asked Questions

We specialize on business-to-business transactions. Owning a business is beneficial, but not necessary. We can use payment intermediaries such as or to facilitate transactions. We also propose adopting tools like to create your own business.

We are always seeking for ambassadors and partners. We make project-specific decisions on who we invite for each project based on the amount, type of work, and quality of our collaboration.

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